Kharistan Exotics



  Kharistan has been breeding purebred felines for almost 25 years.  At this time we only breed Asian Leopard Cats and Early Generation Bengals.  Later this year we hope to start breeding Geoffroy's Cats and Safari cats.  Kharistan also co-owns a Serval with Se[pora Bengals.  There is a possiblility that she may be bred later this year, too.  
    Above are two pictures of our cattery.  It has an inside and outside enclosure.  The inside is heated and air conditioned.  We also have cameras for observing the cats, especially during mating season.  Attached to the house is our nursery.  To keep our cats healthy and stress free we no longer allow visitors to their area.
     We are fully licensed in Indiana and  have our USDA license, too. 
    All of our cats are registered with The International Cat Association.
      Kharistan Exotics works closely with
Bengal Spirit cattery.


 Stunning cats!  
Alc - Tequila
Geoff - Ozark